We work with a wide variety of sectors to help improve performance and efficiency on an organisational, team and individual level.

  • Oil and Gas & Process Industries

    We are highly experienced in this sector and provide a wide range of tools, methods and benchmarks to support our clients. Our operational experience includes providing consulting and training and we have delivered a lot of work in the areas of operational improvement, maintenance and effectiveness. We are also able to help with fixed cost reduction and turnarounds.

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    Oil and Gas & Process Industries
  • Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

    We have run a number of projects in the Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals sectors and our services are tailored to cater for clients with differing needs. For example, we have found that there are two main types of client in this sector. On one hand we are working with clients with ageing assets and patents that are due to end, who are focussing very hard on plant performance, OEE improvement, yield, asset care and reliability.

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    Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Service Sector

    We have extensive experience in the service sector, after all, we are part of it! Nowadays, 60% of operations in industry are outsourced, which is resulting in increased pressure and demand on service providers. This means that the quality of service supplied is becoming much more important and is vital if you are to establish and maintain a good reputation within your industry.

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    Service Sector