If you would like to speak with any of our clients about their experiences with Carcharodon, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to put you in direct contact with them.

  • Chris Bowlas (Business Manager, Saltend Chemicals Park, BP)

    We first engaged Carcharodon as we started our new business, “the Saltend Chemicals Park” to help us take the first steps into a more commercially minded world by running a marketing workshop for our leadership team.  This was an exercise that helped set us on the road to success with everyone leaving motivated as well as informed.  Since then we have continued to use Carcharodon to help us through the challenging process of establishing the business and then shaping our strategy for success.

    • They have developed a good relationship with my team based on trust and mutual respect.
    • They have provided processes to help us develop and understand complex issues

    • They have been a really good sounding board when we have needed it and also known when to move into coaching and providing guidance.

    • They have provided me with a safe environment to allow me to work through some very complex problems with tangible results.

    • Perhaps most importantly they do not try to do things they can’t do.  When they offer to help we know they can do it.

    • Our business is now three years old, we are established and are looking to the future with ambition and excitement and Carcharodon have played an important part in helping us get here.  We intend to continue to use Carcharodon to help us refine and deliver the next phase of our vision.

  • Duncan Hall (CEO Bilfinger Berger UK)

    We are very ambitious about establishing best in class performance for our customer and are pleased to have Carcharodon here to help make it happen. This was an exemplary tender - the strategy was clear, all the milestones were met and we felt that the process had genuinely given candidates everything they needed to show their capability. Whilst it was challenging, it was also well thought through, engaging and thought provoking.

    The tender process was highly interactive and coupled with the feedback given helped us to further improve our business model and customer interaction.

    Happily, we were successful in this bid and Carcharodon have remained in the process to help ourselves and the customer come together as one team. Our commitments to the customer are very ambitious about establishing best in class performance and we are pleased to have Carcharodon here to help make it happen.

  • Martin Sharman (European Commission)

    I used Carcharodon to help refine a key presentation I was scheduled to give to open an international conference on biodiversity.  Laurie quickly understood the core messages I needed to get across, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of my draft slides.

    Laurie’s method of assisting me to develop my own presentation style and also helping to refine and polish the slide pack itself was very powerful.  He was able to call upon his experience of different communication styles and how to appeal to different members of the audience, which I found both new and fascinating.

    I was amazed by how quickly and constructively Carcharodon helped me convert a good presentation into a great one.  Happily the presentation was a great success and received tremendous feedback at the summit, and more importantly allowed me to get across the key messages of a very complex subject in a very short time.

    I learned more from two days with Carcharodon than I have ever learned on any training course.

  • Engineering Manager (Refinery in the Humber Region)

    I am not normally a fan of Consultants, but I have used Carcharodon regularly in recent years.  They remain an important advisor for me and my team, in part, this is because Carcharodon are not like other Consultants, they are extremely flexible and rather than slowing us down, they have got along side us to help us succeed.

    Carcharodon’s knowledge of Industry and Maintenance are exceptional, but so too have been their knowledge and processes for human factors and strategy, this ability to combine technical strategic human considerations in one easy to use package has been a revelation.

  • Alex Curry (Engineering Delivery Team Leader, Saltend Chemicals Park, BP)

    Managing change, working out how to communicate and managing opposing forces is harder than technical engineering!  Your coaching for the team and leadership made a huge difference.  Having your Consultant (Laurie Dummett) on board brought additional confidence to the whole team.  He brought the tools to help us change and the right kind of experience (I like the fact he has worked inside industry and not just consulted at it) to empathise with us and provide genuinely practical advice.  He is also well connected with other parts of industry so could challenge the way we think based on real examples of innovative practice.

    However, it was not what he did, it was the way he did it.  No ego, no posturing and no standard solutions.  Laurie simply focused on what was best for our business and making the journey as easy as possible for all of us.  We all learnt a lot from Laurie and not just for one project - these are skills we can take with us for the rest of our careers.

What people have said about our training courses:

  • “This course was outstanding.”
  • “The lectures were interesting and three days passed very quickly.”
  • “I have real practical tools to take away and use when I return to work.”
  • “The lecturer kept the course moving and got his points over very well.”
  • “I really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot.”
  • “This was so much better than the standard training course with more discussion and involvement.”