We have traditionally only offered high performance team training as part of major consulting assignments; however, at the request of our customers, we have launched this as a separate service.

High Performance Teams

We can help you to put teams together by considering the balance of behaviours and talent of each individual member to ensure they work just as well together as they do individually or we can work with existing teams to help them achieve the same goal. This has proved to be of real value - as many businesses find the process difficult leading to unproductiveness and inefficiency.

To achieve results, we work closely with the team to develop processes and behaviours to encourage motivation and slick team working. We consider the strategic, tactical and educational aspects of driving performance and get the team excited about working together on this.

Our planning process focuses teams on the highest priorities, considers internal interactions within the group and also how they interact with and influence people outside the group.  We consider how to build rapport, different communication styles and managing different interests.  This can penetrate right through to identifying the team meetings they need to have and how they run them. We then look at ways to ensure the group integrates different initiatives and individual aspirations into one programme for the team with everybody helping each other to succeed.

However – it’s not all about how the group works together. We also offer leadership skills development and coaching on an individual basis to make your team members more effective in their individual roles.