We live in a world of increasing change and the greatest challenge for companies who wish to thrive is to keep pace with this.  Those that do it best do so in a way where the capability of the whole organisation is harnessed and focussed on moving operations in the right direction.  This puts a new challenge on managers and leaders.  Those that succeed are the ones who learn the skills of leading change.

People talk about “change management” but change is not just managed it has to be led.  There are numerous high profile examples of strong leaders who are charismatic and dynamic entrepreneurs but it is wrong to assume that successful leaders have to be of a certain type.  There are just as many examples of people succeeding through a lower profile approach. What they do have in common is a clear understanding of their role in leading companies and organisations through change.  They create an environment for success.  They make sure that the right systems, culture and communications are in place to engage their people to deliver their vision.   


This course will provide leaders and change managers with an understanding of some of the challenges of leading change and also techniques and skills used by successful leaders to overcome these.  The course has been developed by experienced change specialists and has been designed to help attendees avoid the common pitfalls that can hinder progress, gain skills to help them design and lead change within their own organisation.

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