Maintenance excellence is not about being outstanding at every aspect of maintenance or blindly implementing textbook engineering standards across the board.  Maintenance excellence is about understanding the unique requirements of each plant and then implementing the right maintenance strategy to meet these.  Anything less and there will be reliability and cost penalties.  Anything more will deliver an expensive exercise in “pretty maintenance” which will be difficult to achieve, expensive to implement and poorly focussed.

Maintenance is a complex field and requires efficient systems, analytical skills, an effective approach to legislation, strategic supply chain management, excellent work management and people skills of a high standard.  There are lots of ways of getting it wrong and no simple blueprint for success!  As a consequence maintenance is often seen as a burden for industrial sites but in reality it provides an opportunity to gain a manufacturing advantage on competitors with a direct impact on cost, throughput and flexibility of production. 


This course will provide maintenance managers, engineers, team leaders and project managers with the essential skills to understand the role of maintenance within their own organisation and how to develop a bespoke maintenance strategy to deliver this.  The course will cover a range of contracting strategies and how to develop supply chain performance.  We will provide a strong focus on the practical aspects of making things happen and will explain the key areas that should be addressed by an effective maintenance organisation.

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