There are so many pressures on industry that it is easy to lose focus on the main goal of any production unit - generating profit by making and shipping product.  OEE is a common measure used to rank how effectively a facility is being used to do this and considers availability (or uptime), quality and rate.  These three components allow performance benchmarking and can be used to identify areas of poor performance.  The next challenge is to address these effectively and in the right order.

All too often OEE (or other capacity improvement) programmes are initiated to address the wrong issues, do not resolve the root cause of the problems or only deliver short term benefits before performance drifts back to previous levels.  When done properly work is directed at root causes, in priority order and done in a way which wins over the hearts and minds of the people who will ultimately be responsible for sustaining and improving performance in the long term.  Successful OEE improvement will deliver improved capacity and a more manageable production facility whilst also potentially reducing waste and production costs.


This course will provide project managers, plant personnel and people taking part in improvement programmes with an understanding of how to assess OEE performance in their own areas and then improve plant performance.   The course includes an overview of delivering change as well as our model of excellence and tools for improving OEE.

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