Identifying challenges and setting an environment for change is not easy.  It is also just the beginning.  There are further difficult questions to ask - “Who is going to be charged with making it happen?” and “What do they need to do to succeed?”  All too often people approach this in the same way as engineering projects and do not address the softer skills required to engage the rest of the organisation effectively.  These project teams often struggle, get frustrated by people outside the project not helping and ultimately fail.

Delivering change requires skills which most people have either not been trained in or have not had the chance to practice effectively.  There are also numerous “silver bullet solutions” being promoted such as TPM, six-sigma, lean manufacturing - but which to choose from?  In reality the approach will be different for different companies and will usually borrow tools and processes from each.  Our consulting experience has helped us develop an effective approach to analysing, understanding and prioritising problems and then matching the right approach to solving this.


This course will provide project managers and people taking part in improvement programmes with an understanding of why projects fail, an overview of the Carcharodon model for success and problem solving tools.  This course also aims to give people an overview of critical soft skills such as teamwork, tactics for managing different interests and communication techniques.

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