Most people view reliability and fixed cost reduction as separate and even conflicting topics.  Around 75% of fixed cost reduction programmes fail in the long-term and many reduce reliability.  Reliability improvement programmes often increase costs.  Our view is that they are not independent and the route to success is to tackle them together. 

We believe that understanding the relationship between reliability and cost reduction is essential in delivering significant sustainable change.  When done properly productivity improvement, reducing bureaucracy and elimination of waste can be used to improve maintenance effectiveness and fund reliability improvement.  A long-term benefit of reliable operations is lower running costs.  Whilst it is easy to recognise both these statements as true the challenge this course addresses is how to reach a point where you have reached them both. 

We have developed a model for sustainable reliability and cost reduction control that will deliver year on year savings in tandem with upper quartile reliability performance.  We have used this model to help clients achieve reliable operations with maximum operating efficiency at a lower fixed cost rate than in previous years.  This experience has been built into this course.


This course will provide maintenance and project managers and plant personnel with an understanding of the Carcharodon model of excellence and how to apply this to their own plants.  Attendees will be trained in a process to analyse current performance and practical tools to improve this.  We will also explain how to make sure performance will continue to improve into the future.

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