This course will firmly place planned shutdowns and turnarounds into a business context where the plant is a vehicle for making profits and the purpose of the turnaround is to increase overall availability, efficiency and integrity. The course will explain the ingredients, which need to be managed effectively, demonstrate a methodology to achieve this result and create a participative learning environment where attendees can discuss real issues from their own work. A framework for efficient, effective and timely action will be given.

The course will explain the roles of departments outside maintenance (such as inspection, operations and marketing) along with how successful companies organize themselves to work effectively across all departments to develop, prepare and deliver their strategy.  The course will explain the role of benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators.

There will be detailed analysis on planning and preparation processes and tools along with how contingency plans, logistics, recruitment and materials can be predicted and optimised in advance of the event. Roles and responsibilities will also be discussed along with best practice for turnaround execution and post event review.

This course will use examples of how pace setting companies work and provide participants with competence in the use of modern, well proven approaches, tools and techniques to achieve success.


This course has been designed to provide engineers, planners and managers with and understanding of the fundamental principles of shutdown management, real life examples from other companies and practical tools to take away and apply in their own environment.

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